Primghar’s regular council meeting met Wednesday May 10 at 5:00pm. The consent agenda passed without questions. Among the consent agenda items were the library and golf course report. The library report explained that the themes in the many programs – after school and conservation among them – focused on eggs, a great spring time topic. The library board also discussed at length the request to preserve the Primghar High School graduation photos in the basement of the dental office to keep away from the public. The library board decided to continue the digitization project and return the original photos to the city office.
Much of the golf course board meeting focused on the policies for use of golf carts. The men’s stag was canceled due to no help. Discussion of limited open greens fees times was discussed and the consideration of over 60 men’s league was held. A 4-1 vote determined that league would remain on Thursdays from 1-3, but the course would also be open as the over 60 is not a golf course issued league. Cleaning of the clubhouse is to get special attention.
Thor Klinker reported on proposed upgrades to Kids Kampus with a drawing of the proposed changes. If approved by the fire marshall, the plan will double the footprint of the current facility. Kids Kampus board is using extra caution due to reported difficulties in the area with getting approval. The current plans were developed by the director and DHS personnel. Klinker reported a current waiting list of 58 children. The proposed project would add approximately 25 spots. The cost of the construction is estimated at $300,000. Groundbreaking could happen as soon as September if approval comes quickly. Catered food is preferred by officials, but availability in Primghar is an issue.
Darin Logan provided information to the council about the annual Cobblestone Days Car Show and Burnout contest. The popular event location has returned to the Primghar Square. Car Show registration begins at 9:00am until 12:30 on Saturday June 17. Car show awards are at 3:30pm with the burnout contest to follow by the old light plant.
In other city business, Bruce Mosier representing Prins Insurance presented the council with the insurance options including increasing deductibles to modestly reduce the premium increase. Increasing the deductibles was declined. The deductible is per incident and per property. The premium savings would be wiped out with just two claims. He also reported that companies providing insurance to municipalities changed from three companies to two companies, reducing competition. Cyber insurance is becoming a more demanding commodity and necessary for municipalities to carry. It is also being used for such things and ransomware incidents and increasing the price.
A property on the south side of the square from the city was never titled after the sale. That property is up for tax sale. After discussion it was decided to do nothing.
Public hearings were held to award the contract for construction of the generation addition, and to take additional action for the construction of the generation addition. Council voted to approve plans and award the contract. A public hearing for the issuance of Notes for the city’s obligation met with no public comments or questions. The resolution to institute proceedings to take additional action passed.
Resolutions to advance street work were approved. These steps position the city to assess properties for certain improvements and applies limits.
City Clerk Carol Chicoine shared a conversation with council with attorneys looking toward financing projects in place currently for the water treatment facility. Concerns about construction costs increasing by as much as $5 million were addressed. Specifically, the project costs could increase to a point that sewer charges to customers could reach as much as $80 per month. Such costs could jeopardize the project. Needs of a local business are primary in initiating this project. At present, there is no commitment from the company to complete their project that precipitated the treatment plant planning. Council took the comments under advisement and will watch the situation closely to determine next steps. All utility costs face smaller increases.

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