by Mari Radtke
The May 1 agenda for the Sutherland City Council opened with back to back public hearings. The first was to receive public comments for a budget amendment. The second was to hear from the public about the contract with Bonnie Wallinga for the sale of property. Due to delays in some plumbing work, the deadline to meet the original requirements for remodeling and sale the house were not met. The contract date will be fixed on July 3, 2023.
Ned Dau appeared by telephone to express concerns of a building owned by his mother, Margaret Dau. The building sits north from the post office. He expressed concerns that heavy rains can accumulate water in the street on the south edge of the property. The street sits higher than the floor of the building. Sometimes water infiltrates into the building and sometimes under the floor. He is requesting the city look to see what they can do do divert the water. One thought was to create a bit of a ditch around the building and to the north to a natural waterway. He also offered the possibility of burying a tile with gravel. City Clerk Amanda Vander Hof offered that the street committee will look at pictures provided by Dau and at the actual site to consider solutions. Chase Cox and Patrick Nelson are the council members making up the street committee.
Spruce up Sutherland received 7 applications amounting to $13,500. Normally just $10,000 is available. The city chose to approve all applications. All projects must be completed with receipts submitted by October 31.
The library reported passing the elevator inspection. The local history group is back up and running at 2:00pm on each 3rd Thursday of the month. The flagpole has been collected by Stacy Crane in Rossie for restoration. The “Kid Saturday” just before Easter brought 31 kids. Hatch Masonry is scheduled to come to do waterproofing for the basement.
A discussion of EV batteries was held. The batteries used in electric vehicles make their own oxygen and cannot be extinguished with water or foam. Mostly the current strategy is to allow them to burn out. Some are said to be able to burn for up to 8 hours.
A discussion of police/law enforcement coverage followed. Sutherland’s police officer is at the academy and cannot be in town on weekends for the first month. Coverage with the Paullina Police Department due to a 28E is in effect. Adam will cover on weekends once he can leave the academy on weekends. Mayor Kay Gifford noted that the deputies have all been a big help to Adam.
A resolution to approve the budget amendment passed. The July [3] meeting was discussed. Council chose to reschedule their regular meeting for July 10. That will be formally adopted at the regular June meeting.
The request by Mark Cody on behalf of Willoway, to contribute filling the swimming pool after the pool gets repainted was discussed. Council considered that the last time when the city did contribute filling the pool was before Sutherland used Osceola Rural Water. They also considered if doing so is a public purpose and decided that the project is not a public purpose and declined to make the contribution.
Revising the deadline date with Wallinga to July 3 was approved.
The zoning board is facing 2 vacancies with Tony Larsen’s departure and a resignation from Norm Hill. Larsen recapped the recommended structure, a Board of Adjustment and a Zoning Board. Each board is recommended to be 3-5 citizens with no duplication and no city staff as board members. A discussion of the responsibilities of each board and who could they get to serve.
Larsen reported to council that sprinkler systems at Willoway and at Aspire of Sutherland are not metered. When used, there is no tracking for charges of the water used. Both test at least annually and the water used for the test is free. The replacement meters for all households is ongoing until all meters are replaced.

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