In regular order business the Paullina Council approved the annual Mosquito Control of Iowa proposal. Mosquito Control of Iowa provided information about its pest management program’s recommendation by CBC, WHO and Iowa Deparrment of Agriculture. They recounted their daily activities for their client cities and how that collected data is used to improve how they approach pest control. They are proposing any cost increase this year. The proposal was accepted.
Council approved donations to Zion-St. John Spring Fling fundraiser and to the South O’Brien After Prom Party. Council tabled its decision to put $2000 into the Swanson Sports Complex above the annual contract to purchase 5 new evergreens. Council members asked about where the trees were to be planted and if the $2000 request was total or Paullina’s half. A team of caretakers for Swanson was appointed. The job was determined to be shared by DJ Lode and Taylor Steffens.
Council voted to approve stopping the injection of fluoride into the city water system. A discussion about doing so led to understanding the addition of fluoride into city water is no longer required. The additive and the mechanisms that inject it into the water are costs to the city.
Two ordinance amendments to Paullina ordinances had their first readings on March 6. A second reading for each is expected on March 20. The first proposed amendment is to the electric rate. A year ago, MRES, the city’s primary power supplier, suggested a 5% rate increase and includes power cost adjustments. The power cost adjustment base is to be reduced under this amendment. Less electricity will be used before a customer will have additioanl use charges applied. MRES also suggested the utility issue $1 million dollars in bonds to refill its cash on hand after paying for necessary repairs to the switchgear and the on-going process of moving the lines underground. The estimate for the switchgear is $1.3 million. Council can choose to waive the third reading of the ordinance if it chooses.
The city’s ordinance pertaining to tree planting also got a favorable first read. The city is adopting a no planting policy in any street or parking within city limits. Some of this is in response to Emerald Ash Borer (EAB). More of the decision to halt new tree planting on parking to is due to the high maintenance needs by the power lines. The second reading is scheduled for March 20.
Spring cleanup day is set for May 9. The annual HHM – Hazardous Household Material disposal is set for May 1.

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