The O’Brien County Supervisors approved a budget amendment on August 2 with no public comments. Several sources of income were not reflected in the budget. An insurance claim for the DHS building repairs were recognized, and the ARPA (COVID) funds were also brought into the current year. About $500,000 of those funds out of $797,617 are now eligible to be spent this fiscal year. Spending items included in the amendment are increased administrative costs to the county and the cost of audits. The county just received billing for the 2021 FY audit.
On August 2 the Board of Supervisors also accepted its share of the opiate settlement. The board resolved to establish a separate fund for this source of money, which is to be a source of income over the next 10 years. The funds are limited to be used for prevention and treatment of opiate abuse. The fund is to be interest bearing. Amounts each year will vary. The county will receive $12,000 during this fiscal year.
On August 9 the board approved using ARPA funds for the purchase of the O’Brien County share of the “Heat Team Vehicle” at a cost of $18,000. The vehicle, used by the multi-jurisdictional response team costs $200,000.
Also from ARPA funds the preservation of vital records and real estate records was approved. The cost of digitizing the records in the Recorders Office hit $94,996.80. The spending passed by resolution.
The IT department reported its status to the board. Tony Untiedt explained the work completed over the past year and the work planned for the current year. The workload for 1 person has caused Untiedt to reach 260 hours of comp time. He asked for approval to hire a second staff person. In the discussion the proposal to hire a second staff person who could later add to their responsibilities upgrading the county’s GPS records. The GPS would be helpful in all real estate records as well as in the engineer’s office. Approval was granted for an additional person with a proposed starting salary of $60,000 per year plus benefits.
The board discussed a proposed ordinance for permitting of pipelines in any county drainage district and crossing of Rights of Way. A few suggestions were discussed and will be returned to the engineer at Bolten & Menk.

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