Direct Deposit resolution for city employee paychecks was removed from the agenda prior to approval.
Councilperson Steve Heeren wanted the title of the new City Clerk, Scott Wise be corrected. Wise is being titled as Clerk/Manager instead of Clerk/Administrator. The City of Paullina operates under a Mayor-Council form of government. Iowa Code allows for manager/mayor governments, but Paullina residents chose to incorporate as mayor-council form of government.
Councilperson Lexi Murphy asked about getting the agenda out earlier than the barely 24 hours that has been the case recently. Murphy wants it out earlier in order to prepare for the meetings and feels that it being out earlier would be a benefit to council people and to the public. Heeren supported Murphy’s position, as did Councilperson Carol Honkomp who added, “Friday for sure should be the latest.” Murphy and Honkomp both wanted to return to the use of colored paper for financial information.
A clarification of the Paullina October cleanup days came after a question from Carol Honkomp. Superintendent of Utilities Kelly Top verified that any person wants trash pickup they need to call in to the City Office, 949-3428 to get a $15.00 virtual flag. Other fees are for specified items only. The list is available at the City office. Virtual flags are available now. Cleanup day is Friday, October 7.
The May 2022 and June 2022 Treasurer’s Report offered to council by Treasurer Johnene Altman were approved as reviewed following her explanation of exactly what is being reported.
Murphy asked about a July credit card purchase of $235.68 for clocks on Top’s credit card. She stated that she did not see that “back in July or August.” She wanted to know why clocks were ordered with council prior approval. Councilperson Jean Unrau asked that the purchase was not approved because they were on the credit card. The purchase was not itemized onto the claims list for council to know about the unapproved purchase. Heeren recalled approval by council for Top to use the card for up to $1000 without council approval. Mayor Brenda Ebel Kruse agreed she made the purchase and noted that the receipts were in the City’s possession. Honkomp asked if they clocks were paid for. Murphy said, yea, on Kelly’s card.” Honkomp and Unrau got verification to their question that the credit card payment was approved for payment without itemization of charges on card presented. Claims for August 2022 were approved as presented. There was also a lot of discussion and confusion about Town & Country charges to the city.
An informal resolution offered by Iowa Public Information Board (IPIB) was presented to council to settle a dispute between the mayor and the newspaper over access to a video. The standard informal agreement requires council to take training in an open meeting about Iowa Code Chapters 21 & 22 and to adopt a public records policy among other tasks. Council accepted the resolution. The City of Paullina does have an ordinance, in Chapter 4, for the management of records and their release to the public. Scott, as clerk where records management is part of the job duties, was appointed to develop a records request policy.
The public hearing regarding the revenue purpose statement required to convert a 1% local option sales tax to a 1% franchise fee was opened. No comments were submitted to council. Approval of the third reading of the ordinance amendment was scheduled last on the agenda. Lynn Porter, External Affairs Manager for Black Hills Energy sat patiently for the approval to answer questions before starting her return to Council Bluffs. Eventually the item was brought forward to allow Porter to get on the road. The third reading of the amendment was passed. Filings and other work will begin immediately and the franchise fee collection should begin in 60-90 days.
A discussion of storm response was had with thanks to the City of Primghar for providing an electric lineman. (So far it is unclear why another lineman was needed.) Several thanks were given to city crews for prompt cleanup. A discussion of job duties and limits of city officials in an emergency followed.
Top requested permission to purchase a portable hydrant and gate valve exerciser, a tool needed for valves. He also suggested Primghar is willing to share the expense and tool. The $6000 tool would replace the $1200 annual payment to an outside service, now out of business. Council approved the request.

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